Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“Our mission is to Glorify God and Make Disciples.”

A disciple is a believer in a daily, loving relationship with Jesus where they are learning from Jesus about who they are and how to live and then doing what He says. 

Our Vision

As we look ahead, where do we sense God leading our church? What will Salem be like? Where are we intentionally headed?

We estimate that there are at least 160,000 people in our Metro who either do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord or who are not connected to a local church body in a meaningful way. That number is growing.

With a desire to see transformational change we believe God is asking Salem to do its part to REACH our Metro with the Gospel, DISCIPLE the church with the Gospel and SEND the church out with the Gospel into our Metro and the world. We like to summarize our vision this way:

REACH-DISCIPLE-SEND with the Gospel!

We understand that this will require that we are obedient to live out the Great Commission calling us to “make disciples” found in Matthew 28:18-20 and the Great Commandment to love God and our neighbors, both those inside and outside the church, found in Mark 12:29-31.

Our Values

Values Statement

We the people of Salem Evangelical Free Church, endeavor by God’s grace to be a body of believers who glorify God. We are imperfect and depend on empowerment by the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, we hold these values in the hope that we will grow in Christ-likeness both corporately and individually. (Philippians 3:12-14)

Committed to Scripture in All Things

We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word. Therefore, the teachings of the Scripture provide the foundation for all that we are and do.

Committed to Prayer in All Things

We believe that prayer is a privilege and responsibility of every Christian. Therefore, prayer permeates our lives both individually and corporately.

Christ-Centered in All Things

We believe that Jesus is the incarnate revelation of God to the human race, the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets and He is the focal point of the Gospel-God’s power for the salvation of all who believe. To become like Him is the goal of our discipleship. Therefore, we proclaim Jesus as both Lord and Christ.

Caring Community

We believe God instructs Christians to cultivate loving relationships. Therefore, as a body of believers, we actively pursue interdependent relationships characterized by grace, love, and truth.

Worshiping God Passionately

We believe that we are created by God to worship Him both as individuals and corporately. Therefore, we will encourage one another to actively pursue God as he reveals himself to us and worshipfully we live in worshipful response to God’s character and activity.

Growing into Maturity

We believe that all Christians are to be disciples – believers who are learning from Jesus who they are and how to live, and then in obedience doing what He says. The goal is that we would become more and more like Jesus Christ. Therefore, regardless of one’s spiritual maturity, we provide opportunities for
individuals to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Theologically Strong

We believe that a solid theological foundation is essential for heart-felt worship, Christian living and bold witness. Therefore, we will teach deep and practical theology to the Church because what we believe about God and what
he’s done is foundational to who we are as his people and shapes the way we live.

Serving the Community

We believe that God cares about the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every person. Therefore, as an expression of God’s love we reach out with compassion to those in need.

Every Believer Ministry

We believe God calls every believer to serve in ministry. Therefore, we encourage and equip every believer to identify, develop, and use their spiritual gifts and abilities.

Evangelistically Fruitful

We believe God desires a personal relationship with every individual and has entrusted us with His message of salvation. Therefore, we reach out to others in the Fargo/Moorhead area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Committed to Missions

We believe that our God is a missionary God who is accomplishing His purposes through a variety of means throughout the world. Therefore, we partner with other churches and organizations in Christian ministry for the worldwide advancement of the gospel.

Next Generation Minded

We believe that each generation of Christians has a responsibility to pass on the faith to the next generation. Therefore, we will actively support quality programs for children and students from middle school through college. 

Cheerful Stewards

We believe that God has given us everything that we have to use for His glory. He is the true owner of all that we are and have and we are his stewards. Therefore we take seriously the glorious privilege and responsibility of managing our time, talents and treasure on his behalf. 

Statement of Faith

Read the EFCA Statement of Faith

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