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Volunteer Opportunities

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Worship Ministries

MISSION STATEMENT:  To create an environment that reveals the fullness of God and nurtures a response to Him in authentic, passionate worship.


Communion Server: Serves communion elements during a worship service once per month.

Communion Set-Up:  Helps set up, replenish and clean up communion elements for worship services once per month.


Decorating team:  Decorates the worship center to enhance the Sunday morning worship experience.  There are separate teams for Moorhead Campus and Fargo Campus.


Actor:  Participates in short sketches for Sunday mornings and full length productions for holiday services. 

Set Designer:  Helps design sets and props for drama productions.

Set Builder:  Works with a team to build sets at the direction of the director and set designer.

Drama Tech:  Helps with audio, visual and lighting for drama productions.


Instrumentalist:  Plays an instrument to help lead and engage people’s hearts in worship during a worship service. 

Vocalist:  Uses voice to help lead and engage people’s hearts in worship during a worship service.


Audio Tech:  Sets up and operate sound equipment for Sunday morning services and other events. 

Multi-Media Tech:  Operates computer for displaying music lyrics and sermon slides.

Camera Operator:  Operates camera for sermon videos. 

Video Director:  Directs the video team as they record Sunday morning sermons.

Video Switcher Operator:  Operates the video switcher to change between video camera views.

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