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Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline is designed to help Salem identify, prepare, train and multiply leaders at every level of leadership throughout the whole church.  The leadership structure looks like this:

  • Participants – those involved in a church ministry, program or team
    Leaders – those who lead a group of participants in various ministries and groups of Salem 
    Coaches – those who lead the Leaders 
    Coordinators – those who lead an area of a Core Ministry of Salem 
    Directors/Pastors – those who lead a Core Ministry of Salem 
    Sr. Pastor/Elders – those who provide leadership for the entire church

Our leadership development process has three components for every level of leadership:

  1. We prepare people for the next level of leadership through mentoring in Core Competencies
  2. We provide on-going training and encouragement through Coaching Huddles
  3. We provide inspiration through two “Inspire” events each year

Leadership Competency Resources

Leader Core Competency Resources  

Coach Core Competency Resources