The Book of Proverbs

Join us for our summer series.

Many of us are left in the wake and ruin of what feels like the ashes of several years of chaos. Sometimes it's through actions we've done or done to us. Words we've said or said to us. We're left wondering how do we navigate through the challenges and difficulties of life when there are no easy or simple answers? As we dive into Proverbs, we are asking "what is wise?" knowing that wisdom is not simply living an ethical or moral life. Wisdom ultimately points us towards Jesus and leaves us longing for more! 

Join us this summer as we look at the following topics in Proverbs: 

  • 6/26/22 - Musings
  • 7/3/22 - Marriage
  • 7/10/22 - More
  • 7/17/22 - Movies, Music, & Media
  • 7/24/22 - (Work as) Ministry
  • 7/31/22 - Mouth
  • 8/7/22 - Money
  • 8/14/22 - Mankind