Youth Leadership Team

Discipling youth to utilize the gifts that God has given them to be Christ-like servant-leaders.

Who Are We?

The YLT is the youth leadership team of the Salem Youth Ministry. The four main components of the team are as follows:

T - Training

E - Equipping

A - Accountability

M - Ministry

God has given youth the same gifts and talents that He has given the rest of the body of Christ. Therefore, we recognize that some are called to be leaders. The YLT is simply a program to equip youth with leadership skill and to provide genuine opportunities for them to use their skills and gifts.


You will be trained and discipled in an intentional manner through:

  • Scripture memory
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership application


You will be equipped for leadership and ministry through:

  • An understanding of your gifts and passions for ministry
  • Review of leadership resources
  • Selecting pertinent resources for you


You will be held accountable through:

  • An accountability partner also on the YLT
  • Pastor Kent
  • Turning in items on occasion


You will be involved in these areas of ministry:

  • The YLIC (Youth Led Impact Crew) of your choice
  • Welcoming and including the other youth
  • Playing leadership roles at The LOFT (Wednesday youth group)

YLT Details and Expectations

  • The commitment is through the end of May 2021.
  • There will be 1-2 meetings a month.
  • You will be expected to be prepared for the meetings, complete memorization on time, and serve well, especially on Wednesdays.
  • As a leader you will be held to a higher moral standard.
  • You will be expected to take your role as a youth leader seriously.

Basic Requirements for Applying:

  1. Be a growing Christian
  2. Have a good reputation at school, church, and home.
  3. Desire to serve others.
  4. Be reliable.
  5. Be committed to the total ministry of Salem Evangelical Free Church.
  6. Regular attendance at the youth group.

The Teams

Prayer: Seek ways to keep prayer and emphasis & maximize opportunities for students to be involved with prayer

Welcome: Strive to make every student feel welcomed, loved and accepted

Youth Room: Provide input and assistance in maximizing layout, decoration, function and maintenance of The Loft

Social Media: Maximize the youth group’s social media presence. Utilize social media for promotion of events and declaration of what God is doing

Media: Create and produce short videos to assist in the presentation of biblical truth, promotion of events and humorous segments

Events: Help identify, plan and maximize events

Service: Maximize service opportunities for the youth group and assist with promotion and execution of those projects

Summer: Provide input in planning and maximizing the summer months with growth, social and outreach events

Youth-Led: Maximize student involvement in leadership, mentoring and cross-grade interactions

Interested in Joining?

YLT Application

If you don't wish to be on the YLT, but would still like to serve in some capacity, consider joining a YLIC (Youth Led Impact Crew). You will work with the YLT member in charge of the team of your choosing.

YLIC Application