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A Note From Pastor Seth

At Salem we are building a community that exists to live lives of love, with God, in community, and on mission together. The foundation of that mission is Jesus’ love for us. 

Why is that so important? I believe that everyone struggles, some deep, some shallow, some painful, some simple. Sometimes it feels like it is hard wired into our DNA as people to do all we can to cover those struggles. But that’s the beauty of Jesus. He embraces the depth and breadth of sin by showing us his overwhelming love and forgiveness. Our mission to love this world starts with Jesus’ mission to love us. 

To help people wrestle with the difficulties of life, we are creating a culture of struggling well, which means that no matter our struggle, we point each other to Jesus’s love and forgiveness. It’s fair to say everyone struggles… but few people find the joy of struggling well. 

I can’t promise you that you’ll find simple answers to life’s most complicated questions. But we will point you to your Creator, who is the one who sent his Son to die for you. 

We hope you join us on this exciting journey as we learn to follow Jesus together, discovering the unique impact He is calling us to make in this constantly changing world. 

Walking alongside you, 

Seth Dunham

Senior Pastor