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A Note From Pastor Seth

On my desk is a small bronze compass that was given to me by one of my mentors. Every day my gaze inevitably falls upon it and I am reminded of what he repeatedly said to me: "Keep pointing people to Jesus." Those words echo in my heart and have been a constant reminder to me that every day is a struggle, both for me and for others.

But what if those struggles, whether deep or shallow, big or small, were met with the unconditional love of God? And what if people who've experienced that same love, offered it to you? At Salem we are working to create a culture of struggling well, which means that no matter our struggle, we point each other to Jesus’ love and forgiveness. While everyone struggles, very few people find the joy of struggling well!

Struggling well is a starting point for daily experiencing God's love for us. But the more we understand and experience that love the greater our love grows for the world. At Salem we are building a community that exists to live lives of love, with God, in community, and on mission together. We long to live lives filled with purpose and intentionality where we work, live, and play. We want to make a direct and lasting impact on our community and world.

It's my dream that the church be a place where what is most important is the life we do with people. I can’t promise you that you’ll find simple answers to life’s most complicated questions. But we will point you to your Creator, who is the one who sent his Son to die for you.

We hope you join us on this exciting journey as we learn to follow Jesus together, discovering the unique impact He is calling us to make in this constantly changing world. 

Walking alongside you, 

Seth Dunham

Senior Pastor