Living Free Recovery Groups

A community of grace where we are empowered to live free from the chains of addiction.

Living Free

Thursdays evenings from 6:00-7:00 p.m. 

Both men and women are invited to join in community where God's grace empowers us to live free from the chains of addiction. 

We, the members of this group support one another with God's grace and word to empower ourselves to live abundant and meaningful lives free of addictions.

The acceptance of our addictions is our first step to recovery. Addictions are manifested by an overwhelming physical desire for something, a mental obsession compounding it and a spiritual battle of dominance over our will and God's will for us.

Recovering from addictions requires us to deal with all three aspects at once. There are no shortcuts, or half measures to take if one desires to live as God has intended, as free, productive and loving creations of Him.

The acceptance of and recovery from our addictions is made possible through our submission to Jesus Christ and his healing power. We ask for his care, his grace and the power of the Holy Spirit as we address our addictions here each night.