Week 6 - February 25

Mark 9:42-50 // Jesus Said What?!

Jesus Said What?!

Mark 9:42-50


Watch the video below to learn more about the Valley of Hinnom and its historical significance.

Discover the Historical Site of Hell - City of David

The Valley of Hinnom is now home to the National Park "Farm in the Valley". It is the location of some of the oldest findings dating back to the First Temple period. The National Park works to preserve ancient agricultural crafts through workshops and educational activities including picking olives and stomping grapes. It is a common site for concerts, entertainment, and leisure activities. They just recently opened the longest suspension bridge in Israel passing over the valley. It is 202 meters long connecting the slopes of the Valley of Hinnom to Mount Zion.

Watch the first few minutes of this video to see that it is like to walk across the new suspension bridge. The rest of the video is slow but shows the walk from the bridge up to Mt. Zion and the walls of the Old City. If you watch it, even just skipping through some of it, it will give perspective of just how deep the valley is compared to the Old City of Jerusalem above.

New Suspension Bridge Hinnom Valley to Mt. Zion - Holyland We Walk

Below is a map of Jesus' final 24 hours in Jerusalem leading up to his death. We will revisit this later, but notice the location of the Hinnom and Kidron Valleys. The Pool of Siloam was their source of drinking water and is located just a bit above the valley. While not the same path as in the video above, imagine carrying your water up the same hill to the Old City of Jerusalem.

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It’s easy to look at the extreme of what these ancient people did in order to try to control and earn the favor of other gods. But if we are honest, how often do we build idols and place things on the altar of cultural gods? What are some areas that you might tend to put before your dedication to the Lord?

Listen to No One Else by Jesus Culture.

No One Else by Jesus Culture

It is often these gods we put before God that lead to the areas of habitual sin in our lives. Take some time to reflect on this and journal out the areas in which you need to repent. 

Listen to Song of Repentance by New Wine Worship.

Song of Repentance by New Wine Worship

Spend some time in prayer over these areas.