Week 1 - September 3

Mark 1:1-8 // Make Room for Jesus


Mark 1:1-8


Take a look at the pictures of the Jordan River at the traditional site of Jesus' baptism below. Today, the Jordan River divides Israel (West Bank) and Jordan. Due to using the Jordan River as a source of water, it has significantly decreased in size. While we don't know for sure, it is likely that the Jordan river was 90-100 feet wide, and anywhere from 3-10 feet deep depending on the area. This would have increased significantly during flood season in the spring as the snow melted on Mt. Hermon at the head of the river.

Jordan River
Jordan River
Jordan River - Traditional Site of Jesus' Baptism


The pictures below are from the Wadi Qelt, the road that Jews would have traveled between Jericho and Jerusalem. This is in the same area as the wilderness where Jesus fasted. When we think of the word wilderness in our culture, many of us think of dense forests, but in the Middle East, the word wilderness refers to desert. Below you will also see the traditional site of the Mount of Temptation outside of modern day Jericho.

Wadi Qelt
Wadi Qelt
Mount of Temptation