Week 4 - September 24

Mark 1:40-45 // Messy? Don't Worry

Messy? Don't Worry

Mark 1:40-45


Watch this music video of the song “Your Love is Fierce” by Heartcry of David. Reflect on the ways that Christ has rescued you and cleansed you.

What are areas of your life that might need his cleansing touch?

Your Love is Fierce by Heartcry of David

Verse 1

Oh the crushing weight of sin

Oh Your kindness draws me in

Oh the moment I believed

Oh that my Father loves me

Pre Chorus 1

Nothing separates me now

In my loving Father’s arms I’m found


Your love is fierce

I can hear You roaring in victory

Over me

Your love pursues

I can hear restless footsteps


Verse 2

Oh the wonder of it all

Oh that You would bear my cross

Oh the moment I received

Oh the weight of mercy on me

Pre Chorus 2

Nothing separates me now

For Yeshua wears the victor’s crown


Your love is fierce

Lion of Judah roar