Week 8 - October 22

Mark 3:7-21 // Job Description

Job Description

Mark 3:7-21

Palestine in the Time of Jesus

People came from everywhere to see and hear Jesus. Look for the places mentioned in the passage on the map below.

"Palestine in the Time of Jesus" by The Bible Journey

Up on the Mountain

It is often mentioned that Jesus "went up on the mountain." While we do not know specifically where that is referring to, check out some of the pictures below from the surrounding hillsides in the area.

Hillside above Capernaum overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
Hillside above Capernaum looking back towards Magdala.
Mt. Arbel near Magdala.

Explore it More

For more insight on the unforgivable sin, read the article, "What is the Unforgivable Sin?" by David Mathis from Desiring God.